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Entrepreneurship: Frameworks and Empirical Investigations from Forthcoming Leaders of European Research Vol: 9

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25 May 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
340 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth


Among the major ways researchers think about research topics and approaches, the lesson of these ten chapters by many of the new breed of European entrepreneurship researchers is that those values and world-views which have traditionally been the hallmark of the European approach, remain evident as the underpinnings of the new breed approach. In doing so, the field of entrepreneurship will grow in terms of the range of ideas, data sources, and techniques. It will also grow more competitive, initially through the addition of new people, but as their ideas begin to gain traction, as differing worldviews and approaches come to the fore, and perhaps sometimes into conflict. However, that sort of exchange, one which broadens each participant, is what science and academia is all about, and the new breed, through efforts such as the volume you are holding, are working to initiate that process. This title highlights 'new breed' thinking and focuses on European entrepreneurship. This book series is available electronically at website.
Europe and Entrepreneurship Research. (Johan Wiklund, Dimo Dimov, Jerome Katz, Dean Shepherd). Habitual Entrepreneurs Experiencing Failure: Overconfidence and the Motivation to Try Again. (Deniz Ucbasaran, Paul Westhead, Mike Wright). Meta-analysis as a Tool for Developing Entrepreneurship Research and Theory. (Andreas Rauch & Michael Frese). An Empirical Test of Systematic Process Differences between the Bursting of Innovative Venture Initiatives and the Shaping Forces of Imitative Venture Initiatives. (Mikael Samuelsson). The Mechanisms and Processes of Entrepreneurial Networks: Continuity and Change. (Sarah Drakopolou Dodd, Sarah Jack, Alistair Anderson). Characterising Innovation in Knowledge Intensive Business Services. (Mark Freel). A Resource-based View on Organic and Acquired Growth. (Alexander McKelvie, Johan Wiklund, Per Davidsson). The Early Growth of Research-Based Start-Ups. (Ans Heirman, Bart Clarysse). Dynamics of External Growth in SMEs: A Process Model of Acquisition Capabilities Emergence. (Carlo Salvato, Ugo Lassini, Johan Wiklund). Corporate Venture Capital and the Value-Added for Technology-Based New Firms. (Markku V. J. Maula, Erkko Autio, Gordon Murray). The Role of Learning in International Entrepreneurship. (Dirk De Clercq, Harry J. Sapienza, William R. Sandberg, Hans Crijns).

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