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Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness: Competing with Constraints Vol: 15

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16 Sep 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth


This volume explores the theme of "resources" in entrepreneurship, and examines the resourcefulness of entrepreneurs that persevere in uncertain times to build new businesses. The different perspectives gathered in this volume present new ways of thinking about how entrepreneurs acquire, borrow, and make use of resources in seemingly impossible environments. Contributions discuss how entrepreneurs can yield success using bricolage; how to leverage "newness" and resource constraints as an advantage; and how high growth entrepreneurs overcome cognitive weaknesses and self doubt to succeed in new ventures. Further articles provide insights into resourcefulness of corporate entrepreneurial environments; links between knowledge flows and barriers in the entrepreneurship processes; and entrepreneurial resourcefulness in challenging and hostile economic environments.
List of Contributors. Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness: Competing with Constraints. Winning an Unfair Game: How a Resource-Constrained Player Uses Bricolage to Maneuver for Advantage in a Highly Institutionalized Field. Selective or Parallel? Toward Measuring the Domains of Entrepreneurial Bricolage. The Blessing of Necessity and Advantages of Newness. Self-Doubt and Entrepreneurial Persistence: How Founders of High-Growth Ventures Overcome Cognitive Constraints on Growth and Persist with their Ventures. Organizational Resourcefulness: The Role of Purposeful Resource Focus Vacillation in Implementing Corporate Entrepreneurship. Reenacting Contextual Boundaries – Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness in Challenging Environments. Knowledge Flows and Constraints to the Entrepreneurial Process. Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness: Competing with Constraints. Advances in entrepreneurship, firm emergence and growth. Entrepreneurial Resourcefulness: Competing with Constraints. Copyright page.

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