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Elsevier's Dictionary of Economics, Business, Finance and Law: Russian-English

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01 Jul 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
1540 pages - 152 x 229 x 82mm


The dictionary contains 115,000 Russian terms and set expressions with their corresponding English/American equivalents representing the modern level of knowledge and development in all fields of economics, business, finance, and related spheres of law. It provides the user with a thorough coverage of relevant terms encountered in professional texts, scientific papers, specifications, contracts and agreements, advertisements and commercials, projects, business letters, business talks and mass communication media. The dictionary widely reflects fundamental branches such as philosophy and methodology of economic science, history of economics, political economy, economic theories, models, systems and structures, demography, geography and psychology; econometrics, game theory, teaching of economics and economic education, legislation and economics, management and accounting science, demand and supply, taxes, taxation, transfers and government spending, world economy, business, business economics and finance, markets and marketing, money and banking, exchange, etc. National and international economic organisations and societies are also included. Special attention is devoted to "branch-wise" and specialised economic sciences and the sectoral structure of economy, such as managerial, monetary, natural resource, urban-regional, environmental and labour economics; economics of industry, agriculture, construction, transport, business, science, educational systems, culture, public health, tourism, finances, discrimination, communication, every-day service, housing and municipal service, water management, recreation, taxation, antitrust and regulation, defence, domestic trade, foreign trade, retail trade, wholesale trade, cooperative trade, consumer cooperation; municipal economy, maintenance supply economy, business economy, etc. This dictionary will be useful to all those involved with many fields and branches of economics, business, finance, and related spheres of law. It features 1540 pages in two volumes and includes 115,000 terms.

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