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Elites on Trial Vol: 43

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18 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
448 pages - 152 x 229 x 41mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
In 2008, the world entered a new period of turmoil. Financial markets collapsed, banks and other financial institutions went in to crisis; credit dried up, consumption reduced and firms started to cut back and reduce investment in the light of uncertainty. Unemployment increased and welfare payments increased. States that borrowed to save their banks and to maintain their spending found the financial markets and the international institutions condemning their profligacy and urging austerity policies. This book is concerned with what happens when elites are challenged by such a crisis; in our terms, elites are 'on trial' firstly for their role in the past and shaping the context for the crisis, secondly in terms of how they responded to the crisis and finally in terms of what role they are playing in the aftermath. Can they reestablish their legitimacy or will they fail this trial and find themselves replaced by other groups with different objectives? This collection draws together a variety of studies and approaches to these issues from a group of international authors which helps us understand 'elites on trial' in the contemporary period.
List of Contributors. Copyright page. Elites on Trial. Research in the sociology of organizations. Elites on Trial. Advisory Board. Elites on Trial: Introduction. The Rise of the 1%: An Organizational Explanation. Elites, Varieties of Capitalism and the Crisis of Neo-Liberalism. The Counter-Cyclical Character of the Elite. Understanding the Changing Nature of the Relationship between the State and Business Elites. Impacts of Globalization Processes on the Swiss National Business Elite Community: A Diachronic Analysis of Swiss Large Corporations (1980–2010). The Euro Zone Corporate Elite at the Cliff Edge (2005–2008): A New Approach of Transnational Interlocking. Business Elites and the Field of Power in France. The Democratic Dilemma: Aligning Fields of Elite Influence and Political Equality. Legitimation Strategies of Corporate Elites in the Field of Labor Regulation: Changing Responses to Global Framework Agreements. Elite Discourse and Institutional Innovation: Making the Hybrid Happen in English Public Services. Business Elites and Undemocracy in Britain: A Work in Progress. From Designers to Doctrinaires: Staff Research and Fiscal Policy Change at the IMF. Fighting the Financial Crisis: The Social Construction and Deconstruction of the Financial Crisis in Denmark. From Classwide Coherence to Company-Focused Management and Director Engagement. About the Authors.

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