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Educational Interventions Vol: 14

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02 Feb 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


"Educational Interventions", volume 14 of "Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities", addresses new developments in areas relevant to the education of individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities. A prominent feature of this volume is an extensive and comprehensive meta-analysis of 180 intervention studies involving students with learning disabilities, provided by H. Lee Swanson and Maureen Hoskyn. A chapter by Maria Chiara Passolunghi and Cesare Cornoldi describes difficulties in word problem solving with respect to working memory and cognitive ability. Kenneth Kavale and Steven Forness discuss research and policy issues in educational inclusion of students with learning and behavioral disabilities. Margaret Weiss and Frederick Brigham contribute a chapter on the research support for co-teaching as an educational intervention for promoting academic achievement and educational inclusion. Finally, Marge Mastropieri, Vicky Spencer, Thomas Scruggs, and Elizabeth Talbott provide a meta-analysis of recent research on peer tutoring interventions involving students with learning and behavioral disabilities. Taken together, the volume presents up-to-date information on a variety of perspectives and topics relevant to educational treatment of individuals with disorders of learning and behavior.
List of contributors. Intervention research for students with learning disabilities: a comprehensive meta-analysis of group design studies (H.L. Swanson, M. Hoskyn). Working memory and cognitive abilities in children with specific difficulties in arithmetic word problem solving (M.C. Passolunghi, C. Cornoldi). The great divide in special education: inclusion, ideology, and research (K.A. Kavale, S.R. Forness). Co-teaching and the model of shared responsibility: what does the research support? (M.P. Weiss, F.J. Brigham). Students with disabilities as tutors: an updated research synthesis (M.A. Mastropieri et al.).

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