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Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Vol: 12

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14 Dec 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
273 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
Ecosystems are often examined from a ecological perspective because of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Ecosystems of different types and scales are under increasing pressure due to natural and human induced changes. Climate change and the disasters it causes, are a major driver affecting ecosystems and services. Several studies have provided evidence that a healthy ecosystem helps in reducing the impacts of climate change and disasters. This book makes a case for ecosystem-based adaptation by arguing that ecosystems and its services are critical in the climate change and disaster risk reduction fields. Consequently, the monitoring and regulation of ecosystems need to be linked to a regular governance and institutional mechanism and be reflected in a more action-oriented agenda.
List of Contributors. About the Editors. Brief introduction of the series. Brief introduction of the volume. Preface. Overview of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation. Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and the Millennium Development Goals. The Role of Ecosystems in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction. Cooperative Management of Mangrove Ecosystems in India. Innovative Approach of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation in Coastal Bangladesh. Watershed Approach to Ecosystem Management. Understanding Adaptation Practices in Arid Land ecosystem. Redefining Urban ecosystems. Benchmarking Ecosystem Conditions. Spatial Relationship and Ecosystem Management. Valuing Ecosystem Services. Governance in a Changing Climate: An Ecosystem Perspective. Challenges and the Way Ahead in Ecosystem-Based Adaptation. Ecosystem-Based Adaptation. Community, environment and disaster risk Management. Copyright page.

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