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Economics of Technology: Symposium : Selected Papers

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26 Aug 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
520 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm


The economics of technology has recently become established as a fast growing subject field. It commands a rapidly increasing interest, also among a new generation of scholars and students, catering to the old need to bridge the gap between economics and technology in practice. This volume attempts to give an historic and current overview of economics of technology as a field, and to contribute to its development by bringing together original contributions from internationally highly recognised and representative specialists in economics and technology studies, thereby reflecting the state-of-the-art. The volume also gives extensive summaries of developments in the field and outlines directions for further research and teaching.
Abbreviated. Economics of Technology - An Introduction and Overview. (0. Granstrand); Factory Automation and Economic Performance: A Micro-to Macro Analysis. (B. Carlsson); Positive Feedbacks and Research Productivity in Science: Reopening Another Black Box (P. David); Microdynamics and Macrofoundations: an Evolutionary Perspective (G. Dosi); Technology, Economic Competence and the Theory of the Firm Discussing the Economic Forces Behind Long-Term Economic Growth. (G. Eliasson); Knowledge Segmentation - Integration in Theory and in Japanese Companies (M. Fransman); Technological, Technical and Economic Change's - A Systems Engineering Approach. An Analytical Framework. (0. Granstrand); The Notion of Science-Based Innovation Reconsidered: Empirical Results for the Triad Countries (H. Grupp); Economics of Technological Relationships (H. Hakansson); Changes in the Technological Landscape. The Temporal Dimension in the Growth and Decline of Large Technological Systems (S. Lindqvist); The Formation of the U.S. Market for Business Jets: A Study in Schumpeterian Rivalry. (A. Phillips et al.); Science - Technology - Economy Interactions (N. Rosenberg); Competing for Comparative Advantage Through Technological Innovation (F.M. Scherer); International Competitiveness, Trade and Technology Policies (L. Soete); The Steel Industries of Western Europe Compared, 1870-1914 (U. Wengenroth); Scientific and Technical Cycles: Analysis and Forecasting of Technological Cycles and Upheavals (Y.V. Yakovets); Towards Research on the Technology of Economic Development: Summary Remarks I (E. Dahmen); Beyond the Economics of Technology: Summary Remarks 2. (T.P. Hughes); Summary and Discussion (0. Granstrand) Appendices. Indices (name, subject).

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