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Economic Well-Being and Inequality: Papers from the Fifth ECINEQ Meeting Vol: 22

John A. Bishop
East Carolina University, USA

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29 Sep 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
520 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
Research on Economic Inequality


Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 22 begins with papers of widespread interest on the impact of the Great Recession. The first paper addresses the impact of "asset meltdown" on the wealth of the US middle class, with disparate racial and ethnic impacts. The second studies poverty and inequality in the US in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The next topic is on the evolution of poverty and inequality in the world. One paper proposes a new methodology to measure global poverty and inequality, while the second analyzes the importance of considering not only the desperately poor but also those just above the subsistence level. Great interest for inequality researchers lies on the use of wealth data. Two approaches to this issue are presented. Firstly, several papers study wealth inequality directly. Secondly, a paper uses annuitized wealth data to augment the income measure of economic well-being. An emerging field in the study of economic well-being is the use of self-reported status and perceptions data. Three papers employ this type of data, investigating happiness inequality, perception of income inequality, and the existence of a "Great Gatsby Curve" for job mobility.
Cross-National Differences in Wealth Portfolios at the Intensive Margin: Is there a Role for Policy?. The Asset Price Meltdown and Household Wealth over the Great Recession in the United States. The Decomposition of Well-Being Dimensions: An Application to Germany. On the Estimation of the Global Income Distribution Using a Parsimonious Approach. Poverty has Declined, but What about the Burden of Non-Extreme Poverty? Generalized Dominance Criteria for Convex Subsets within the Poverty Domain. Are Mass Media and ICTs Associated with Inequality and Poverty?. Socioeconomic Inequality in Happiness in the United States. Cross-Country Intergenerational Status Mobility: Is there a Great Gatsby Curve?. Perception of Income Inequality: A Multidimensional Scaling Study. Polarization of Time and Income – A Multidimensional Analysis for Germany. On the Measurement of Regional Convergence in Inequality and Welfare. Regional Income Convergence in Portugal (1991–2002). Inequality, Welfare, and Order Statistics. On the Measurement of Intermediate Inequality: A Dominance Criterion for a Ray-Invariant Notion. Wage Distributions and the Accounting Period: An Assessment of the Shorrocks Effect. Tournaments and Superstar Models: A Mixture of Two Pareto Distributions. Determinants of Active Income Inequality for Non-Wage Earners in Cameroon. Economic Well-Being and Inequality: Papers from the Fifth ECINEQ Meeting. Economic Well-Being and Inequality: Papers from the Fifth ECINEQ Meeting. Research on Economic Inequality. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Introduction.

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