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Early Education and Care, and Reconceptualizing Play Vol: 11

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30 Oct 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
384 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Early Education & Day Care


This volume addresses two major areas of inquiry in the field of early childhood education and care. The first section of the book includes scholarly reviews on early childhood education and care and its conceptual bases. Programme curriculum and implementation are explored, including theoretically driven programmes and programme evaluations. Traditional perspectives on early childhood outcomes are detailed, alongside comparative analyses of early childhood practice from an international perspective. Section two presents the first in a series on reconceptualizing play. Traditional views of play, as an abiding element of early childhood practice, are critiqued. Questions about conceptions of play are raised by historical, ethical, cross-cultural, narrative, and theoretical treatments of play practices. These views are designed to stimulate thought about our most basic ideas of play and children.
Introduction to volume 11: early childhood education and care, and reconceptualizing play, S. Reifel. Early Childhood Education and Care: Globalization and its discontents - early childhood education in a new world order, S. Lubeck et al; Child care quality - a model for examining relevant variables, E.L. Essa, M.M. Burnham; Professional development and the quality of child care - an assessment of Pennsylvania's child care training system, J. Iutcovich et al; Professional caring as mothering, N. McBride, S. Grieshaber; The thematic unit - old hat or new shoes?, C.S. White et al; "Air is a kind of wind" - argumentation and the construction of knowledge, S. Dockett, B. Perry. Reconceptualizing Play: "We don't play that way at preschool" - the moral and ethical dimensions of controlling children's play, M.H. Brown, N.K. Freeman; The dangerously radical concept of free play, D. Kuschner; Play and diverse cultures - implications for early childhood education, J.L. Roopnarine, J.E. Johnson; Under the lens - the play-literacy relationship in theory and practice, K.A. Roskos, J.F. Christie; The play frame and the "fictional dream" - the bidirectional relationship between metaplay and story writing, J. Trawick-Smith.

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