Dynamics of Financial Stress and Economic Performance: Insights and Analysis from the World Economy

M. Venkateshwarlu
National Institute of Industrial Engineering, India

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28 Sep 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm


The financial stress of 2008 propelled the world into the most severe recession since the great depression. Despite the significant risk that it poses to the real economy, the complex interaction between financial stress and economic performance is not well understood due to the crucial gaps that remain in our understanding of this critical and dynamic relationship. 

Dynamics of Financial Stress and Economic Performance: Insights and Analysis from the World Economy attempts to understand the complex non-linear dynamics between financial system stress and economic performance on a global level. An analytical approach is taken to examine twelve major countries, and provide a detailed understanding of the crucial financial and economic issues faced in light of financial stress; including interest rate bottoms, inflation asymmetries, financial health of households, money supply bubbles, fiscal issues, trade dynamics, over leveraging of the financial markets, behaviour of housing prices, debt problems, potential for economic growth, or a complex combination of any of the above. 

This book will appeal to practitioners, students and researchers in fields such as financial economics, risk management and quantitative finance who wish to expand their knowledge of these crucial and complex dynamics. It is also an appealing read for those who are generally curious about business, banking, financial markets and macro-economic issues occurring on both an individual country and global level.
Chapter 1. Introduction 
Chapter 2. Financial System Stress Analysis 
Chapter 3. Financial System Credit Analysis 
Chapter 4. Dynamics of Financial and Economic Systems 
Chapter 5. Interpretations and Global Outlook
Ramesh Babu Thimmaraya is the Director and Head of Quantitative Research at Ernst & Young, India. He also serves as a task force central committee member to the All India Board for Management Studies, Government of India. He is a former researcher and scientist in aerospace engineering, and was recognized by Marquis Who's Who in the World for his achievements as a young scientist. He also received the young thought leader award from India for his research contributions. He has published 28 research papers in the area of applied mathematics and holds a PhD in non-linear dynamics.
M. Venkateshwarlu is a Professor of Finance at NITIE, Mumbai. He has authored 25 articles and book chapters, the majority of which focus on quantitative finance and risk analytics. He has successfully completed 35 industry consultancy assignments and is known for designing and conducting specialized training programs for financial institutions.

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