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Doing a Doctorate in Educational Ethnography Vol: 7

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17 Sep 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
232 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Studies in Educational Ethnography


Doing a doctorate in education is always a challenging and difficult process. Doing a doctorate in education that is based upon ethnographic research is even more so. This title draws together a series of semi-autobiographical reflexive accounts of the process of doing a doctorate using educational ethnography. The individual studies include research into school effectiveness, the experiences of Asian teenagers, sexual cultures in the primary school, mature students on Access courses, primary school management, the experiences of children with special educational needs, teachers' work intensification, the family and school experiences of Year 9 students and a Youth Training programme within English professional football. The range of topics shows how import ethnographic work has become in education. Most of the contributors are still at the early stage of their academic careers. Their writings have not yet attained "classic" status - although some may be on the way to such status. The doctoral process is still a vivid memory in their minds and they have been able to drawn upon their fieldnotes and recollections to construct accounts that shed light on their experience and help to demystify it. The book should be of value for those who are thinking of doing a doctorate, for others still struggling through the process and for their supervisors.
Introduction - the doctoral experience, G. Walford; on the doctoral endeavour, G. Bhatti; close encounters of the third kind - researching children's sexual cultures in the primary school, E. Renold; learning on the job - micropolitics and identity work in teacher/doctoral student research, S. Benjamin; jet-setting postgrad - ethnographic research in two countries, F. Vogt; it's a white knuckle ride - reflections from the PhD experience, L. Pugsley; Method in the messiness - experiencing the ethnographic PhD process, G. Troman; pressures, problems and the PhD process - tales from the "training ground", A. Parker; the novice researcher - expectation meets reality, K. Johannesen Brock; alone in a crowd or going native? a doctoral student's experience, G. O'Toole; the influences of personal biography on the doctoral research process, C. Hudson; researching the ineffable - that which cannot be expressed in words, J. Lilly.

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