Disruptive Activity in a Regulated Industry: The Case of Telecommunications

Peter Curwen
Independent Scholar, UK

Jason Whalley
Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK

Pierre Vialle
LITEM, Univ Evry, IMT-BS, Université Paris Saclay, France

Product Details
11 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm


Theoretical and empirical work examining disruptive activity within industry has previously been restricted to the free market, even if an element of ad hoc government interference has occurred.  

In contrast, this book makes a unique evaluation of a situation that prevails across a significant part of the industrial sector where involvement is subject to the acquisition of an operating licence. Taking telecommunications as an illustrative industry, with a particular focus on mobile telecommunications, the book focuses on the regulatory bodies that are tasked with licence issuance. New entry is usually attempted by a single company, often with existing links within the telecommunications sector, and usually within a single country. This book provides detailed accounts of both the individual countries and international operators in question, while also including a case study of CK Hutchinson which has been associated with multiple country entries. It also examines how disruptive activity is evolving from its roots in the mobile sector to encompass so-called “quad-play” which includes fixed-wire broadband and pay-TV. 

Disruptive Activity in a Regulated Industry: The Case of Telecommunications will appeal to postgraduate researchers and academics in the fields of economics, innovation, regulation, and governance.
Chapter 1. Literature review 
Chapter 2. Case studies of disruptive activity 
Chapter 3. Mobile operator licensing in Europe: new entry and competition 
Chapter 4. European mobile: The doctrine of '4 networks good, 3 networks bad'  
Chapter 5. Multi-play as a disruptive strategy 
Chapter 6. Free Mobile: A disruptive new entrant shakes up the French market 
Chapter 7. India: A disruptive new entrant causes havoc 
Chapter 8. CK Hutchison: A disruptive force in mobile telecommunications 
Chapter 9. The multi-faceted nature of disruption
Peter Curwen retired in 2017 to become a 'gentleman scholar'. He was previously Professor of Economics at Sheffield Hallam University, and Visiting Professor of Mobile Communications, first at Strathclyde University and subsequently at the Newcastle Business School.  
Jason Whalley is an international lecturer and consultant. Currently he is Professor of Digital Economy at the Newcastle Business School. He previously spent more than a decade at Strathclyde University.  
Pierre Vialle is Professor of Management at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School in France. He is Director of the School's Knowledge, Innovation & Network Dynamics (KIND) research group within the LITEM Lab.

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