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Disputes in Everyday Life: Social and Moral Orders of Children and Young People Vol: 15

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05 Oct 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
565 pages - 156 x 234 x 34mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth


Volume 15 of "Sociological Studies of Children and Youth" investigates the interactional procedures used by children and young people as disputes arise in varying contexts of their everyday life. Disputes are a topic of angst and anxiety for children, young people and adults alike, and yet are important times for interactional matters to be addressed. A particular intention of the book is its ethnomethodological focus, bringing a fine-grained analysis and understanding to disputes and related interactional matters. Such analysis highlights the in situ competency of children and young people as they manage their social relationships and disputes to offer insight into how children arrange their social lives within the context of school, home, neighbourhood, correctional, club and after school settings. This volume offers a contemporary understanding of the relational matters of children's peer cultures to better understand and address the complex nature of children and young people's everyday lives in today's society. Papers include: when verbal disputes get physical; conditional threats in young children's peer interaction; and young children's disputes during computer game playing.
List of Contributors. EDITORIAL BOARD. Introduction: Disputes in Everyday Life – Social and Moral Orders of Children and Young People. Category Relations, Omnirelevance, and Children's Disputes. Will, You’ve Got to Share: Disputes during Family Mealtime. Responding to Directives: What can Children do when a Parent Tells them what to do?. ‘Pretend I was Mummy’: Children's Production of Authority and Subordinance in their Pretend Play Interaction during Disputes. Being Doggy: Disputes Embedded in Preschoolers' Family Role-Play. Working Towards Trouble: Some Categorial Resources for Accomplishing Disputes in a Correctional Youth Facility. Tattling and Dispute Resolution: Moral Order, Emotions and Embodiment in the Teacher-Mediated Disputes of Young Second Language Learners. Challenging and Orienting to Monolingual School Norms in Turkish American Children's Peer Disputes and Classroom Negotiations at a U.S. Turkish Saturday School. “A Problem of Versions”: Laying Down the Law in the School Playground. Conditional Threats in Young Children's Peer Interaction. When Verbal Disputes Get Physical. School Bullying and the Micro-Politics of Girls’ Gossip Disputes. The Logic of Conflict: Practices of Social Control Among Inner City Neapolitan Girls. When “Yes” Turns to “No”: Young Children's Disputes During Computer Game Playing in the Home. Disputes, Stakes and Game Involvement: Facing Death in Computer Gaming. Author biographies. Disputes in Everyday Life: Social and Moral Orders of Children and Young People. Sociological studies of children and youth. Sociological studies of children and youth. Copyright page. Reviewers.

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