Discourses on Gender and Sexual Inequality: The Legacy of Sandra L. Bem Vol: 23

Marla Kohlman
Kenyon College, USA

Dana Balsink Krieg
Kenyon College, USA

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06 Oct 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
192 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Gender Research
Discourses on Gender and Sexual Inequality: The Legacy of Sandra L. Bem focuses on emerging discourses on gender, gender roles, and gender schemas. This collection of essays aims to honor the legacy of Sandra Lipsitz Bem and, particularly, her trail-blazing text, The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality. Long before the terms transgender and cisgender were introduced into mainstream, academic, and activist discourses on gender, Bem was busy interrogating the use of gender as an essential organizing principle in society.

Chapters in this volume aim to draw attention to the significance of Bem’s research for current debates on gender and gender roles in the social sciences, questioning the ways in which the institution of gender has been, and remains, deeply contested. Contributors examine lived experiences of individuals influenced by institutional constructions of gender and examine practical aspects of gender from the perspectives of social policy.

Introduction: Gendered Institutions and Cultural Practices: Still Chasing the Legacy of Sandra Bem 
Contextualizing Bem: The Developmental Social Psychology of Masculinity and Femininity 
Insights into the Vietnamese Culture of Gender: Factors Hindering Academic Women’s Advancement To Leadership Positions  
How College Students Perceive Men’s and Women’s Advantages and Disadvantages Surrounding Work and Family Issues 
Gendered Career Choices and Stereotypes: A Theoretical Approach 
Drinking Like a Man: How Gender Norms Influence College Students’ Perceptions of Binge Drinkers 
For the Sake of Hearth and Home: Gender Schematicity in the Romance Novel 
Masculinity and ‘Generational Poverty’ in a Faith-Based Homelessness Advocacy Program: Race and Class Viewed Through the ‘Lenses of Gender’
Marla H. Kohlman, PhD is a Professor of Sociology at Kenyon College. She earned her Doctoral degree in Sociology from the University of Maryland College Park and her law degree from the Washington College of Law at The American University. Her primary area of research has been intersectionality in the experience and reporting of sexual harassment and sexual assault. She has published articles in the second edition of the Handbook of Feminist Research (2012), Advances in Gender Research (2012, 2010) and most recently The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Women’s Social Movement Activism (in press). Prior to teaching at Kenyon, Kohlman was an attorney practicing in Maryland and Washington, DC. 
Dana Balsink Krieg, PhD is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Kenyon College. She earned her Doctoral degree in developmental psychology from Loyola University Chicago. Her research has primarily focused on the importance of transitions along the developmental path, including such milestone events as starting college or having a child. Her current focus is on transitions within the family, the development of family over the course of young adulthood and expectations that emerging adults have for future family formation, including work-family balance and gender roles within the family. She has published in Parenting: Science and Practice, the College Student Journal, Journal of Early Adolescence, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Journal of Educational Psychology, and Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs. In addition, she co-edited a volume of Advances in Gender Research (Notions of Family: Intersectional Perspectives) with Marla Kohlman and Bette Dickerson.

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