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Developments in Work and Organizational Psychology: Implications for International Business Vol: 20

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01 Dec 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
International Business and Management
The increasing global interdependency in economy and business transaction asserts the importance of documenting the most recent developments in global work and organizational behaviours, which are strongly influenced by the advancement of information technologies, virtual business transactions, multicultural business groups and expanded business settings across cultures. An in-depth analysis of some major areas of developments and developmental needs for some areas which have paramount influence on international work, organizational and business psychology is of both academic and practical importance. Our book aims to present thoughtful analyses of some major developments in work and organisational psychology, with a focus on international business and management. The book is expected to benefit students, researchers, practitioners and employers. We hope our relentless efforts to compile leading authors work will bring fresh ideas and thought-provoking issues on both theoretical and practical applications of emerging psychological knowledge in work and occupational psychology, to the international management and business. The book will have immense value to the global market, especially for international business and management courses, programme development and delivery on work and organizational psychology across cultures, inter and intra-cultural developmental programme on business transactions, and recent developmental issues in cross-national management and business. An eclectic approach is taken to showcase the chapters in this book. Each author is asked to invest his/hers valuable insights to write a selected chapter with examples from relevant research, utilizing scholarly and reflective arguments to cover the essence of the theme in a particular chapter. Each Chapter has adopted an easy going style to inform readers about the developments in a major area. The discussion in each chapter is assembled with author/s own research and management experiences, thus providing a real-life perspective, highlighting the importance of applying recent developmental issues to the future academic work in the international management and business field. This series: provides an international perspective to the study of business, with a special emphasis on management and marketing issues; deals with such topics as globalization, international business negotiations, cross-cultural communication, entry strategies, doing business in different regions, and future trends; and focuses on the development of international business theory, methodological issues, the results of empirical studies and the findings of practitioners.
Introduction: recent developments in work and organizational psychology: implications for international business. Issues in Business Psychology: an international perspective. Global human resource management. Ghost workers: Implications of new workforce realities for organizations and their workers. Team working in organizations: implications for workplace safety. Emotions at work: overview of research and implications for practice. Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures: issues of identity and identification. Complexity theory: relevance to work psychology and recent developments. Future of international business and management: an overview. Conclusions.

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