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Developments in Australasian Marketing

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01 Feb 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in International Marketing


"Developments in Australasian Marketing" presents excellent examples of the exciting range of marketing research that is being carried out by marketing academics in the Australasian region. The volume contains eighteen chapters selected from presentations at the inaugural Australia/New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC'98) hosted by the Department of Marketing at the University of Otago in 1998. They are arranged into four themes: marketing orientation studies, cross-cultural studies, internationalization issues, and technology issues. The chapters illustrate how academic researchers in Australasia are addressing these themes, and identify implications for marketing practice in the region.
List of contributors. Introduction: developments in Australasian marketing (R.B. McNaughton). Marketing Orientation Studies. Marketing orientation, inter-firm relationships and the resources based theory of the firm: towards an integrative theory (B. Schroder, F.T. Mavondo). Market orientation, production focus, sales focus, and company ROI (J.G. Dawes). Construct validity of market orientation: do people in different industries share the same meaning? (F.T. Mavondo, J. Conduit). Cross Cultural Studies. Creative personalities, processes and agency philosophies: comparing Australia and Singapore (M.T. Ewing, J. Napoli). Retail promotion strategies -- empirical evidence from New Zealand and Portugal (Kim Shyan Fam, P.Q. Brito). Relationship-building supplier behaviors for winning customer trust: new insights from case research with nine leading Japanese manufacturers (N. Rexha, Tadayuki Miyamoto). Cross cultural versus cross national comparisons of ethical values and behaviour -- an Australian study (R. Fletcher). National culture impacts on new product development practices: a cross cultural comparison between Singapore and New Zealand (T.C. Garrett et al.). Internationalisation Issues. Competitive advantage through exporting and the key role of distinctive organisational capabilities (J. Weerawardena et al.). Export assistance 'the New Zealand way' (J. Bell et al.). The role of business networks in the internationalisation of manufacturing firms: a longitudinal case study (S. Chetty, D. Blankenburg Holm). Structures and processes of the international networks of Australian small business (M. Healy, C. Perry). Technology Issues. Evaluating internet advertising effectiveness: a framework and propositions (K. Lee et al.). Web site objectives of Australian companies: an empirical investigation (E.K.F. Leong et al.).

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