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Developmental Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk, and Isolation Vol: 5

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05 Jul 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
448 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
International Research in the Business Disciplines


This 5th volume provides a timely survey of the most critical aspects of developmental entrepreneurship currently being discussed in the fields of entrepreneurship, sociology, and economics. Written by the top luminaries in the field, the fifteen articles presented here represent a combination of empirical research, theoretical insight and practical suggestions. The volume focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship and small business development within a global environment, especially under conditions of adversity, high environmental uncertainty, or weak institutional frameworks. It examines a broad set of issues, including entrepreneurial strategies and economic development in post-war and post-natural disaster environments, entrepreneurship and education within ethic and indigenous groups, the role of entrepreneurship as economic development mechanism within less developed and transitional economies, entrepreneurial activities within isolated environments, and the role of international institutions and law in small enterprise development. It discusses small business development in a global environment. It addresses entrepreneurial strategies and development in post-war/post-natural disaster environments.
PART 1: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INSTITUTIONS Trust, Institutions And Entrepreneurship (De Soto); Poor Peoples Knowledge: Helping Poor People To Earn From Their Own Intellectual Property (Finger) PART 2: ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TRANSITIONAL ECONOMICS Institutional Development And Entrepreneuship In A Transition Context (Smallbone, Welter); Entrepreneurial Environment And The Life-Cycle Growth And Development Approach To Analyzing Family Businesses In The Transitional Polish Economy (Zapalska, Brozik); Transition In The Polish Economy (Hunter, Jr. and Ryan); New Venture Performance In The Transition Economies: A Conceptual Model (Schwarz and Wdowiak) PART 3: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND CRISES Disasters, Vulnerabilitty And The Global Economy: Implications For Less Developed Countries And Poor Populations (Bensona and Clay); Disasters And Entrepreneurship: A Review (Galbraith and Stiles); HIV/Aids, Crime And Small Business In South Africa (Isaacs and Friedrich) PART 4: POVERTY TRAPS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT: THE CASE OF MOZAMBIQUE Poverty, Entrepreneurship And Aid Economics In Mozambique: A Review Of Empirical Research (Dana and Galbraith); The Dilemma Of Small Business In Mozambique: A Research Note (Kaufmann and Parlmeyer) PART 5: ISOLATION AND WEALTH DEVELOPMENT: THE CASE OF ICELAND Isolation As A Source Of Entrepreneurial Opportunties: Overcoming The Limitation Of Isolated Micro-States (Jonsson andSaemundsson); Portrait Of An Entrepreneurial Trade Mission: Iceland Goes To China (Karlsson, Luthy and Olafsdorrir) PART 6: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND HISTORICAL DISADVANTAGES Indigenous Entrepreneurship Research: Themes And Variations (Peredo and Anderson (University); Gender Differences In Minority Small Business Hiring Practices And Customer Patronage: An Exploratory Study (Roberson-Saunders and Smith); Immigrants And Entrepreneurs In Sao Paulo, Brazil: Economic Development In The Brazilian Melting Pot (De Campos Araujo, Da Cruz Paiva and Rodriguez) PART 7: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUILDING HUMAN CAPITAL Acquiring The Skills And Legitimacy To Better Manage Local Economic Development And Adjustment: The Case Of Jalisco, Mexico (Lowe); Building Human Capital In Difficult Environments: An Empirical Study Of Entrepreneurship Education, Self-Esteem, And Achievement In South Africa (Friedrich and Visser); Educational Curricula And Self-Efficacy: Entrepreneurial Orientation And New Venture Intentions Among University Students In Mexico (Alvarez, Denoble and Jung);Entrepreneurship Education: A Cautious Ray Of Hope In Instructional Reform For Disadvantaged Youth (Rasheed and Howard-Vital)

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