Debates in Marketing Orientation

Bilgehan Bozkurt
Istanbul Arel University, Turkey

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14 Jan 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 129 x 198mm
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This book examines the fundamental problems and the alternative solutions of marketing orientation. Through a consideration of customer orientation and the marketing concept, Debates in Marketing Orientation considers the role of the individual in the marketing process. 

The debates reveal sources of managerial and cultural tension that can occur while trying to implement customer-oriented business processes at a marketing organization. 
How can academic and professional marketing perspectives be integrated? 
What are the main issues about understanding and analysing customer needs?  
What are the deepest roots of issues for organizations that aim to remain or become customer-oriented? 

Some of the interesting topics discussed are about academia and professional collaborations, demand management, stakeholder marketing, methodology development, marketing interfaces, new competition perspectives, managerial alternatives, mindsets, marketing skills, healthy organizations, marketing-driven operations, mixing branding constructs, integrative frameworks, human orientation, responsibility, ecosystems, organizational comfort zones, customer-driven organizational cultures, internationalization, and social impact. 

This book is a call towards a creative marketing concept as the core of post industry competition: where marketing is an alternative to management.
Debate 1: Is There a Bridge between Academia and Practice? 
Debate 2: Can Business Practices be Valued Equally as Scientific Work? 
Debate 1: Do Marketers Know Better than Customers? 
Debate 2: Can Marketers Create Needs? 
Debate 3: How Can Brands Decide Whether to Use Consumer Research or Not? 
Debate 4: Leaving No Choice to Customers by Selling Products through Legislation and Regulations or Not 
Debate 5: Should Brands Offer Solutions to Only a Few Segments or More? 
Debate 1: Should We Still Focus on Similarities between Products to Classify Businesses in an Age of Innovation and Differentiation? 
Debate 2: Is Management Here to Stay? 
Debate 3: Are There This Many Leader Organizations? 
Debate 4: Why Do Organizations Replicate Actions of Leader Organizations? 
Debate 5: What Are the Tensions among Managerial Idiosyncrasies, Artistic Passion and Freedom, and Marketing Orientation? 
Debate 6: Is Marketing Another Business Function or Who Is the Owner of Marketing? 
Debate 7: How can Organizations Manage Operations from a Marketing or Branding Perspective? 
Debate 8: Should Organizations Refer to Managerial Experience or Personal Potential? 
Debate 9: How Required Sets of Marketing Skills Change in Time? 
Debate 10: How Can Organizations Employ a Time Orientation? 
Debate 11: Is Marketing Mix Still Relevant or Why Are Not New Perspectives among Widespread Practices?
Debate 12: How Can Organizations Decide on Employing Conventional or Extraordinary ideas? 
Debate 13: Can In-house Competition, instead of In-house Collaboration, Make Organizations Successful? 
Debate 14: What Are the Tensions of Organizational Change? 
Debate 15: What Are the Tensions of Altering a Corporate Culture? 
Debate 16: How Can Organizations Translate Marketing Conceptions to Different Cultures? 
Bilgehan Bozkurt is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey. His research and professional background lies in branding, customer-oriented project management, business analysis, and software development.

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