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Current Topics in Management Vol: 5

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
388 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Current Topics in Management
This series publishes papers initially offered in presentations at the yearly meetings of the International Conference on Advances in Management, and then presents attendees at the next annual conference with a published volume of the best efforts of the previous meeting. This is an unprecedented achievement for a professional association of any size and is of considerable value to the ICAM participants. This fifth volume "Current Topics", contains seventeen chapters divided into six sections. The editors contribute Chapters 1 and 17, and the remaining sixteen were selected from seventy-five competitive papers presented at the sixth annual International Conference on Advances in Management held at Baton Rouge, Lousiana, during July 1999. The major architecture for this book is divided into six sections. They are labelled: Organization Theory, Organizational Behaviour, Trust, Morality, and Ethics, Organizational Development and Innovation, International Management, and Concluding Comments.
Introduction (M.A. Rahim et al.). Organization Theory. A theory for managing fast-changing organizations (K.D. Mackenzie). Complex systems and the measurement of organizational change (D.J. Svyantek, L.L. Brown). Organizational Behavior. A review of psychological contract theory and research: promise nothing and they may still get angry (M.J. Keeney, D.J. Svyantek). The construction of identity in organizations: beyond the cognitive lens (E.S. Mason, A.N. Carr). Trust, Ethics, and Morality. Quality and trust in the workplace: an empirical investigation of their association (P.G. Wise, K.W. Kuhnert). Correlates of distrust in a general hospital (K. Bijlsma-Frankema). Moral autonomy in organizational decisions (E.E. Tsahuridu, R.J. McKenna). Organization Development and Innovation. Toward a meaning-centered organizational development: a conceptual essay (C.C. Lundberg). OD applications in organizational settings: another addendum about success rates (R.T. Golembiewski). Innovation and conflict management (M.A. Rahim, R.A. Wolf). Organizational innovation and the science/craft of management (R.T. Golembiewski, E. Vigoda). International Management. Does culture fit matter: the adoption and effectiveness of employee involvment practices in China and the United States (Chun-Sheng Yu et al.). The art of Chinese management: towards a new management paradigm for the 21st century? (K-A. Schlevogt). Management challenges for small business in Bangladesh in the context of globalization (M.A. Mannan). The role of narrative in international business communication: a critical analysis (M.M. Jabri). Concluding Comments. Evolving from data expertise to expert data (K.D. Mackenzie et al.).

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