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Current topics in management Vol: 3

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10 Jun 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
416 pages - 152 x 229 x 26mm
Current Topics in Management
This is the third volume in a series which targets the tests of the global applicability of existing managerial theory and experience. It examines: issues in organizational behavior; strategy, culture and effectiveness; managing health care; human resource management; and managing across cultures.
Part 1 Contemporary issues in organizational behaviour: dealing with doubt and cynicism about organizational change, the old-fashioned way - empirical data about success rates in OD and QWL; leadership as creating and using social rules in a community of practice; a casual attribution approach to work exhaustion consequences; from homo mechanicus to the holistic individual - a new phoenix for the field of organization behaviour?; new theorizing about organizations - the emergence of narrative and social theory for management. Part 2 Strategy, culture and effectiveness: the mechanistic foundations of strategic management - time for a radical change; what 18 case studies of organizational culture tell us about counter-intentional effects of attempts to establish shared values in organizations; analysis of competence needs in Norwegian firms - rational and institutional determinants. Part 3 Managing healthcare: hospital care production and medical errors - organizational responses to improve care; physician-hospital contractual arrangements - impact on hospital efficiency and effectiveness; system redesign in nursing - pre-experimental action planning in a medical-surgical ward; health care policy in transitional economies - challenges and opportunities. Part 4 Human resource management: contract employment as a full-time career - implications for HRM/OB constructs; exploring human resource issues in an organizational crisis - a preliminary analysis of the banking industry; effects of training on divergent thinking attitudes of Turkish managers - a longitudinal study. Part 5 Managing across cultures: families on global assignments - applying work/family theories abroad; the influence of overseas assignment on self-efficacy of expatriate managers - the case of the Korean managers in US subsidiaries; good corporate citizens or perpetrators of social stratification? - international business in Malaysia; bridging the gap between exporters and their markets - a conceptual model. Part 6 Concluding comments: management research - new directions.

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