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Current topics in management Vol: 1

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31 Jul 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
274 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Current Topics in Management
The last decade has seen quite dramatic changes in political, industrial and social arenas. The collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union has precipitated the introduction of market economics which have in turn required managers in these countries to learn new management skills and gain knowledge of free market dynamics. This has been coupled with an upsurge in the use of electronic networks and personal contacts disseminating knowledge about theory and practice. This volume reflects the early steps in developing both networks and knowledge. The first section deals with the methods of investigation in management and organizational phenomena. One chapter is generic whilst the other two deal with the key issue of leadership and burnout. Other issues in organizational behaviour are examined in the second part with chapters on psychological contract, organizational commitment and managerial self-esteem. The third section deals with social issues such as public policy, ethics, conflict management, managing wellness and measuring organizational climate in hospitals. The final section presents two international studies: one examines the USA and South Korea and the other compares personal values in Yugoslavia, Russia and the USA.
Part I Organizational science: organizational science inquiry - toward the appreciation of equivoque; bases of leader power, workgroup commitment, and conflict - a structural equations model; burnout as global and strategic - progress with the phase model, and its future. Part II Other issues in organizational behaviour: the psychology of compliance - revisiting the notion of a psychological contract; organizational commitment and instrumentality perceptions - differentiating the concepts; examining relationships between managerial self-esteem and selected dispositional, organizational, and outcome variables. Part III Social issues in management: exploring management in a consumer culture - an introduction to consuming work; public policy - toward new philosophical foundations; moral development and interpersonal conflict - an empirical exploration of stages and cycles; comprehensive organizational wellness; assessing shared governance - an example of instrument development in a hospital setting. Part IV International comparison: correlates of leadership effectiveness in the United States and Korea; a comparative study of personal values in Yugoslavia, Russia and the United States - implications for management, investment, and political risk; management research in a dynamic environment.

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