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Current Perspectives in Social Theory Vol: 19

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19 May 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
306 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Current Perspectives in Social Theory


"Current Perspectives in Social Theory" presents essays on the major issues in contemporary theoretical work in sociology, providing both a critical overview of the development of major debates and original formulations by specialists working in various fields. Emphasis is put upon the presentation of new developments in special areas. Intended to cover the discipline as a whole, "Current Perspectives in Social Theory" seeks to maintain a balance between the general and the particular by dividing each volume into two parts, the first consisting of field statements by recognized academics in major areas of sociology, the second consisting of pieces focused on more detailed theoretical issues.
Editorial board. List of contributors. The Social Nature of Discourse. Books author authors, but reading writes: a social theory of the text (B. Agger). Constitution of meaning: on the practical conditions of social understanding (O. Lee). The Social Nature of Gender. The bonds of hierarchy: Anglo-American psycho-analytic feminist theory on inequality in intimate relationships (A. Branaman). Developing the gender relations perspective: the emergence of a new conceptualization of gender in the 1990s (E.J. Hall). Social Structure, Social Change and Social Theory. Two faces of collective action frames: a theoretical consideration (R.H. Williams, R.D. Benford). Barry Hindess and Paul Hirst: the origins of capitalism and the origins of post-Marxism (R. Duchesne). Emmanuel Levinas and the moral displacement of knowledge: rethinking the relation between the moral and social orders (S.J. Knapp).

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