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Current Perspectives in Social Theory Vol: 18

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04 Dec 1991
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
270 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Current Perspectives in Social Theory


This is the 18th volume in a series discussing a topics in social theory. It is divided into three parts which address: critical social theory beyond critical theory; critical social theory and contemporary social structures; and critical and contemporary social H locies.
Critical Social Theory Beyond "Critical Theory". Beyond the carousel for reification: critical social theory after Luckacs, Adorno and Habermas (H.F. Dahms). Simmel-Eco vs. Simmel-Marx: ironized alienation (D. Weinstein, M.A. Weinstein). Communicative action in new social movements: the experience of Students for a Democratic Society (S.D. Stryker). Critical Social Theory and Contemporary Social Structures. The continuing significance of structural Marxism for feminist social theory (F.O. Taylor, IV). Structure, structuration and autopoesis: the emerging significance of recursive theory (K.D. Bailey). Critical and Contemporary Social Psychologies. Reselfing after postmodern culture: sacred social psychology (P. Wexler). Identity, hegemony, and social reproduction (L. Langman). Explorations from the "far side": schizophrenia, social control, and selfhood (T.L. Scheid).

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