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Current Perspectives in Social Theory Vol: 17

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01 Jan 1980
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
340 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Current Perspectives in Social Theory


Current Perspectives in Social Theory (CPST) presents essays on major issues in contemporary theoretical sociology, providing both critical overviews of major debates and original contributions by specialists working in social theory, sociological theory, and critical theory.
Part 1 Postmodernism, subjectivity and objectivity, micro and macro theory: how much difference is too much? - black feminist thought and the politics of postmodern social theory, Patricia Hill Collins; the standpoint epistemologies and social theory, Norman K. Denzin; oppression from within and without in sociological theories - an application to gender, Irene Browne, Paula England; the rise of the postmodern left, Timothy M. Chester, Clasina B. Segura; computational social grammar - a metatheory and methodology for exploring structurational dynamics, Martin Ruef; Pierre Bourdieu and the call for a reflexive sociology, Thomas Meisenheider. Part 2 Critical theory: reinventing technology in social theory, Mark A. Shields; social rights and a critical sociology of law, Richard R. Weiner. Part 3 Classical theory: Lenin and the problem of the intelligentsia, Jerome Karabel; Durkheim, moral individualism and the Dreyfus Affair, Chad R. Farrell.

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