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Cultural Studies: A Research Annual Vol: 1

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27 Mar 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 150 x 230 x 33mm
Cultural Studies


This is the first volume of an interdisciplinary publication, drawing on contemporary scholarship in such fields as speech communication, education, anthropology, sociology, history and English. Manuscripts focus on the intersection of interpretive critical theory, qualitative inquiry, culture, media, history, biography and social structure.
Foreword - opening up cultural studies, Norman K. Denzin. Part 1 Sociology and cultural studies: relativizing sociology - the challenge of cultural studies, Steven Seidman; postmodernism, cultural studies and contemporary social inquiry, David R. Dickens; postponing the postmodern, Ben Agger. Part 2 Feminist discourse: anorexia nervosa - rereading the stories that became me, Paula Saukko; my story of anorexia nervosa - new discourses for change and recovery, Mary Walstrom; it's just a female thing, Lisa M. Sammiguel; what's wrong with this picture? comparing lived experience and textual representations of endometriosis, Lisa M. Sammiguel. Part 3 Race, popular culture and the media: race, suburban resentment and the representation of the inner city in contemporary film and television, Cameron McCarthy et al; look - it's the NBAs showtime - visions of race and popular imagery, Cheryl L. Cole and David L. Andrews; where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? discourses of nation, family and masculinity in Dyersville, IA, Charles Fruehling Springwood; Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy - pseudo-realist narratives and male hegemony, Andrea Fontana and Claudia Collins; the new childhood - home alone as a way of life, Joe Kincheloe; the emergence of contemporary sport forms - paintball, Robert Rinehart. Part 4 Critical pedagogy and interventionist texts: mobilizing meaning, demobilizing critique? dilemmas in the deconstruction of educational discourse, Maggie Maclure and Ian Stronach; from a privileged position - teachers, research and popular culture, Chris Richards; death (an assemblage), Steven Wiley.

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