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Cultural Studies: A Research Annual Vol: 4

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01 Sep 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Cultural Studies


"Cultural Studies" is an interdisciplinary series, drawing on contemporary scholarship in such fields as speech communication, education, anthropology, sociology, history, and English. Papers focus on the intersection of interpretive critical theory, qualitative inquiry, culture, media, history, biography and social structure. This international research publication creates a space for the study of those global cultural practices and cultural forms that shape the meanings of race, ethnicity, class, nationality, and gender in the contemporary world.
List of contributors. Introduction. Queering Society and Self. Living lesbian battering (G. Giorgio). The queer university: imagining the postmodern academy (W.G. Tierney). Self, Society and the Postmodern Community. JFK in black and white: the Kennedy assassination, Dallas and collective guilt (R. Bradley). The heart and other organs of darkness (A. Shelton). Internet, community, and the technological way of being (A. Northcott). What's in a name? Language, power, and a "post-historical" critique of the patronymic (C.F. Springwood, C.L. Springwood). Cognitive mapping and ethical practice: the novels of Richard Powers (S. Miklaucic). Milling at the margins: a critique of the decentered subject - a mystory (C.M. Sabik). Shvitzing/Kibitzing: bodies, communication, and "communion" in a men's locker room (C.N. Poulos). Reading the Cinematic Society. Postmodern knights in celluloid armor: the photojournalist as contemporary cultural hero (A. Peace). Messing: information, liminality, dread (N. Kohn). The search for lost fear: the social world of the horror fan in terms of symbolic interactionism and cultural studies (R. Winter). Evangelical Christians' responses to popular culture: towards an evaluative schema (T. Rendelman).

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