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Cultural Studies: A Research Annual Vol: 3

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10 Jun 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Cultural Studies


Cultural Studies
List of contributors. Introduction. Critical Pedagogies and Interventionist Texts. Disturbing the colonial frames of ethnographic representation: releasing feminist imagination on the Academy (C.J. White et al.). Invitations to be creative (I. Stronach). Reading and Writing Cultural Studies. Becoming appropriately modern: a genealogy of cultural studies in South Africa 1948-1989 (J. Muller, K. Tomaselli). Voice, discourse, and space: competing/combining methodologies in cultural studies (P. Saukko). Metaphysicians and ironists: reflections on sociology and its history (R.A. Jones). Narrative dis-curses (B. Cullum-Swan, P.K. Manning). Thick and thin narratives: thickness of description, expectation, and causality (M. Hyvarinen). Diagnostics of Horror, Illness, and Intimacy. Reading alien(s): a diagnostics of horror (G. McGregor). Illness narratives and human development: changing metaphors about the body in a case of anorexia nervosa (C.G. Banks). Big nights: authenticity and contrivance in contemporary film (J.J. Dowd). Mother Stories. Sarah & me (M.M. McCall). The white, the blue and the black: a matrix of writing (P.T. Clough). "That psychiatrist" (N.K. Denzin). Dear baby: a multitext auto-ethnography of miscarriage (V. Duffy).

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