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Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Youth and Violence Vol: 18

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16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Contemporary Studies in Sociology


This volume brings together contributions from a group of international scholars concerned with cross-cultural perspectives on youth and violence. The goal of the book is to present a set of themes (such as gang violence, xenophobia and school bullying) that are often treated only within a single national setting or from the perspective of a single academic discipline. The result is a book that attempts to communicate across disciplinary and national boundaries about common themes relating to youth as perpetrators and as targets of aggression and violence. The chapters range from theoretical examinations of violence-related attitudes among American youth to bullying in German and Japanese schools, to problems of urban youth in Brazil, to American gang research and its applicability to other urban cultures. The authors are from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, political science, psychology, education and criminal justice.
Part 1 Macrosocial views of youth and violence: materialism, individualism - social attitudes of youth in Japan, Ofer Feldman; normalcy and deviance - youth and the culture of violence in Brazil, Walter de Oliviera; authoritarianism and agression - German youth and right-wing extremism, Detlef Oesterreich. Part 2 Violence and social organization: understanding youth street gangs - economic restructuring and the urban underclass, Joan Moore; as American as apple pie - expressive and instrumental patterns in gang violence, John Hagedorn; collective violence as social control - right-wing youth in Germany, Werner Bergmann; varieties of violence-proneness among male youth, Meredith W. Watts and Jurgen Zinnecker. Part 3 Focus on bullying: bullying among school children in the United States, Susan P. Limber et al; bullying in Japanese schools - cultural and social psychological explanations - perpetrators of school violence - a longitudinal study of bullying in German school, Jurgen Zinnecker. Part 4 Violence and citizenship: youth violence, citizenship and citizenship education in the United States, Richard G. Braungart and Margaret M. Braungart.

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