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Creative Social Change: Leadership for a Healthy World

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
Alliant International University, USA AND; Coherent Change, USA

John Eric Baugher
Goucher College, USA

Karin Jironet
InClaritas Foundation, The Netherlands

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07 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Building Leadership Bridges
What is our role in creating healthy organizations and a healthy world? Creative Social Change fosters a unique dialogue on the interconnections between leadership, sustainability, the long-term viability of the planet, and organizational development. Brought together, these arenas of research and action can influence events globally and contribute to creating a healthy society. The book builds on interviews with five eminent social scientists, thought leaders for many decades on the nature of organizational and societal development: Robert Quinn, Otto Scharmer, Edgar Schein, Peter Senge, and Margaret Wheatley. It includes contributions on what is needed for change from longstanding creative scholar-practitioners such as Riane Eisler and Karl-Henrik Robert, as well as new voices, and concludes with a variety of concrete case studies from around the world about efforts in this direction. Embracing all levels of thinking, from the conceptual to the concrete, the book generates a foundation for scholarly research and proposes practical questions that can be used for dialogue and action among leaders, policy makers, and organizational consultants.
1. Introduction - Kathryn Goldman Schuyler PART I: THE GROUND: FOUNDATIONS FROM THOUGHT LEADERS - Kathryn Goldman Schuyler 2. Visions of a Healthy World: Views from Thought Leaders - Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, with Margaret Wheatley, Otto Scharmer, Ed Schein, Robert E. Quinn, and Peter Senge PART II: AIR AND WATER: WHAT FLOWS LIVES - Karin Jironet and John Eric Baugher 3. Reframing Organizational and Social Change: From Domination to Partnership - Riane Eisler 4. Ecological Consciousness, Moral Imagination, and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development - John Eric Baugher, Walter Osika, and Karl-Henrik Robert 5. Use it or Lose it: About Leadership Ethics in the United Nations - Karin Jironet 6. Leadership for the Greater Good: Developing Indicators of Societal and Environmental Health - Samuel G. Wilson 7. Developing Relational Leadership in Africa - Charles J. Palus, Steadman Harrison III, and Joshua J. Prasad PART III: SEEDS AND PLANTS: LOCAL CASE STUDIES - John Eric Baugher and Karin Jironet 8. The Inner Practice of Community Development: Embracing Deep Democracy in Mexico - Patricia A. Wilson 9. Sumak Kawsay among Indigenous Women Leaders of Ecuador - Carolina Bown 10. Kiwi Ways of Leading: How 30 New Zealand Government Chief Executives Are Encouraging Healthier Cultures - Jane McCann 11. “The Arts Are Not a Luxury”: The Arts as a Source of Community in California - Barbara Rose Shuler 12. Strengthening Communities through Adaptive Leadership: A Case Study of the Kansas Leadership Center and the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center - Max Klau and Jill Hufnagel 13. Women and Leadership in Rwanda, Emerging Transformation: The Spiritual, Social, and Political Dimensions of Transmuting Suffering - Eliane Ubalijoro, Bagwiza Jacqueline Uwizeyimana, and Marilyn Verghis 14. A Living, Healthy World: Implications for Thought and Action - Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, John Eric Baugher, and Karin Jironet
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, Alliant International University; Coherent Change, San Francisco, CA, USA John Eric Baugher, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, USA Karin Jironet, InClaritas Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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