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Countryside Stewardship: Policies, Farmers and Markets

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17 Dec 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
246 pages - 190 x 254 x 19mm
"Countryside Stewardship" is the first cross-country, empirical study to examine the market effects of stewardship policies across Europe, as well as their possible impact on the supply of agricultural commodities. This timely and insightful book examines the economic nature of the agri-environmental measures that were intended to reduce the negative effects of agricultural production on countryside amenities and stimulate the positive contributions of farmers to countryside management. An international team of authors offers a comparative analysis of stewardship policies across eight different European countries, drawing upon a classification of 330 different agri-environmental measures introduced since 1985. The objective of their analysis is to provide policy makers and all those involved - farmers, extension officers, researchers - with more insight into the organisation and effects of these policies and to present some options for a more effective implementation of policies in this new field.
Introduction to research on Countryside Stewardship Policies (G. van Huylenbroeck et al.). Economic nature of stewardship: complementarity and trade-offs with food and fibre production (P. Gatto, M. Merlo). Policy indicators and a typology of instruments (F. Bonnieux, P. Dupraz). The invisible costs of implementation and administration (K. Falconer, M. Whitby). Farmers' attitudes and uptake (L. Drake et al.). Modelling regional production and income effects (O. Rohm, S. Dabbert). Estimating aggregate output effects (F. Sinabell et al.). Analysis of trade distortions (D. Damianos, Y. Barlas). Conclusions and recommendations (G. van Huylenbroeck, M. Whitby).

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