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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age Vol: 7

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30 Mar 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility
Over the past half century, corporate social responsibility has become an important concept in management, marketing and communication literature. In the past twenty years a visible shift has been made into what was written about CSR: a move away from the financial benefits derived from such activities towards reputational impact, stakeholder relationships and communication with a wide range of audiences being noted. With social and digital media reshaping the way in which business is conducted, and with the number of companies embracing the new social medium for their marketing and communication programmers, this book re-examines CSR practices from a digital perspective. In doing so, it revisits some of the theoretical discussions about CSR while inquiring whether and how CSR can be applied online. This book examines key conceptual insights about corporate social responsibility and digital and social media, and explores best practices for online CSR. In this way, the volume explores the impact and influence of the new 'social' on responsibility and its feasibility, measurability and success in a boundary-less world.
The Rhetorical Citizenship of Corporations in the Digital Age. Dear Brands of the World: CSR and the Social Media. Classifying Social Causes Derived from the Communication of CSR Initiatives Online: A Theoretical and Practical Approach. How Activists Shape CSR: Insights from Internet Contagion and Contingency Theories. CSR and New Battle Lines in Online PR War: A Case Study of the Energy Sector and its Discontents. Communicating CSR on Social Media: The Case of Pfizer’s Social Media Communications in Europe. Using Social Media for CSR Communication and Engaging Stakeholders. CSR and Social Media: Could Online Repositories Become Regulatory Tools for CSR Related Activities’ Reporting?. Digital Reflections of Pharmaceutical Companies and their CSR Communication Strategies. Schrodinger’s Cat in Facebook: A Lacanian Perspective. A Synoptic Research Overview of CSR amongst Romanian Managers. Two-Minute Drill: Video Games and Social Media to Advance CSR. CSR Online and in Real Terms: A Critical Analysis of Controversial Sectors in Hungary. Index. Copyright page. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age. List of Contributors. Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age. Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age. About the contributors.

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