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Corporate Governance Vol: 9

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01 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
396 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Financial Economics


This volume contains fourteen research papers with theoretical and empirical treatment of important financial aspects of corporate governance. The papers cover major corporate governance issues such as the role of the board of directors, ownership structure, ownership concentration, and the influence of outside blockholders. Another salient feature of this collection is that it offers substantial international evidence, including that from the United States of America, Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, India, and Malaysia.
1. Related party transactions and Corporate Governance (E.A. Gordon, E. Henry, D. Palia). 2. Corporate Governance characteristics of firms that issue preferred stock (J.S. Howe, H. Lee). 3. Australian corporate casualties (B. Buchanan). 4. Do outside blockholders influence Corporate Governance practices (S.W. Peck). 5. Does Corporate Governance matter in the market of response to merger announcements? Evidence from the U.S. and Germany (P. Lowengrub, M. Melvin). 6. Clientelism , debt service and governance (V. Vaugirard). 7. Ownership patterns and the Saudi market (W. Alajlan). 8. Dividend policy and ownership structure in China (G. Wei, W. Zhang, J.Z. Xiao). 9. What determines corporate ownership concentration around the world? (B. Qu). 10. Resolving Corporate Governance problems in executive stock options grants (P. Dawson). 11. Behavioral aspects of Corporate Governance (O. Marnet). 12. On the monitoring role of the board of directors (M. Ameziane). 13. Does monetary policy matter for Corporate Governance? Firm-level evidence from India (S. Ghosh, R. Sensarma). 14. Ownership structure in the Malaysian corporate sector: Its impact on Corporate Governance, performance, financing and investment patterns (F.A. Samad).

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