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Corporate Governance: Does Any Size Fit? Vol: 11

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10 Jun 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229 x 31mm
Advances in Public Interest Accounting


Paradigms, intellectual insights, and buzzwords have always reflected and informed social practices and have provided impetus and rationalization for macro policies. "Corporate Governance" has become a recent manifestation, creating interplays of political, private, academic, cultural, and economic consequences. This issue of "Advances in Public Interest Accounting" offers provocations challenging the received views of Corporate Governance, illuminating the controversies and ethical outcomes of using it as a prescription for public action. Whether, how, and why Corporate Governance provides innovation, mystification, or creative participation for diverse populations with diverse interests is examined in this issue. With an eclectic group of academics representing a wide range of countries, perspectives, narratives, and themes, Volume 11 provides the space for creating new sensibilities for advocating for the public interest.
Introduction. Corporate Governance: Does any Size Fit?. Problematising Governance. Corporate governance: a case of "misplaced concreteness"?. Does one size fit all? Transplanting English takeover law into China. Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Governmentality, corporate governance and ethics. Governance issues. Accounting for inclusiveness: the corporate response to the challenge of HIV/AIDs in South Africa. Corporate governance in China: a lack of critical reflexivity. The Austrian Way: Director conduct in the context of legal and cultural frameworks of corporate governance. Accountability and independence in corporate governance: an analysis of board disclosures in Canada. A look into the role of human resource management in corporate governance and risk management: the Phillippine experience. An examination of shareholder-stakeholder governance tension: A case study of the collapses of Ansett Holdings and Air New Zealand. The Next Step. Agency Theory, Ethics and Corporate Governance. Beyond law and regulation - a corporate governance model of ethical decision making. Effective corporate governance reform and organizational pluralism: reframing culture, leadership and follwership).

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