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Corporate Crisis and Risk Management: Modelling, Strategies and SME Application Vol: 21

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06 Oct 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
382 pages - 152 x 229 x 32mm
International Business and Management
This book presents the theoretical background to risk and corporate crisis management and offers useful methods and techniques applicable to small and medium sized enterprises in the event of disastrous situations such as fire, flood, storm, etc. Unlike the vast majority of literature available in this field, this book: concentrates on small and medium business organisations; presents a comprehensive approach to crisis management involving all aspects of business operations; adopts a systems approach at an organisational and crisis management levels; approaches disaster recovery by identifying targets, instruments and policies during various phases of the crisis management process; and employs commonly available software programs. This series: provides an international perspective to the study of business, with a special emphasis on management and marketing issues; and, deals with such topics as globalization, international business negotiations, cross-cultural communication, entry strategies, doing business in different regions, and future trends. It also focuses on the development of international business theory, methodological issues, the results of empirical studies and the findings of practitioners.
1. Introduction 2. Planning for Crisis Management: A New Approach 3. The Elements of the New Approach 4. Research Methodology 5. Case Studies 6. Optimisation of Cash Flows 7. Optimal Post-Loss Investment Decisions 8. Strategic Crisis Management Issues 9. Summary and Conclusions

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