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Convergence in Communications and Beyond

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28 Nov 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
444 pages - 171 x 241 x 25mm
This book deals with the implications of convergence in communications. A wide-range of papers by expert scholars and inside policy analysts have been selected in order to capture the convergence issue from a number of perspectives, and to achieve a historical state-of-the-art. The book represents a holistic approach to convergence, bringing to bear a number of critical perspectives: economics, engineering, business, organization theory, psychology, policy analysis, and even analysis related to international relations. The volume succeeds in providing a multi-faceted and rich view of convergence, and also on issues beyond convergence. "Convergence in Communications and Beyond" will be a useful tool for schools of communication, centers for telecommunications studies, business schools, policy departments, telecommunication operators, suppliers and consulting companies as well as libraries and organisations interested in communications.
Part Headings: Preface. Acknowledgements. List of Contents. List of Tables. List of Figures. Part 1: Convergence in Communications: An Overview. Part II: Practical Policy Perspectives from the Triad. Part III: Internet and User Demand. Part IV: Convergence and Business Networking. Part V: Convergence, Strategy and Structure. Part VI: Convergence and Regulatory Transformation. Part VII: Convergence, Futures and Research Agendas. Author Information. Biographical Information. Author Coordinates. Index.

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