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Contributions from European Symbolic Interactionists: Conflict and Cooperation Vol: 45

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02 Jul 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


The papers in this volume were presented at the third conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI). The theme of the 2012 conference was "Conflict, Cooperation and Transformation in Everyday Life". The fifteen papers presented across this volume and volume 45 cover a diverse range of topics, which are divided into two main categories: 'Reflections on Methods' and (interactions of) 'Conflict and Cooperation', this volume focuses on the latter.The papers in this volume present a wide variety of qualitative methods and themes, such as sex-work in Poland, urban public places in the Netherlands, dancing during lunch break in Sweden, self-change in Papua New Guinea, immigration in Malta and the body online.Contributing authors to this volume and the previous come from Belgium, Canada, Sweden, The US, The Netherlands, and Germany, suggesting the thriving diversity of European SSSI in terms of its research themes and methods.
Volume Editor’s Introduction: The Meandering Links of Symbolic Interaction in European Academia. Men who Like Using and Abusing Women: The Perspective of Clients on Escort Agency Workers. Making Sense of Others in a Super-Diverse City: Ethnic Categorization in Public Space. Outsiders as Invaders: on the Attitudes of Maltese Citizens toward Irregular Immigrants. “… And we have Lots of Food, so we Believe it is True” – Dramatizations of Self-Change in Papua New Guinea. Embodiment Online and Interaction in Massively Multiplayer Online Games. The Social Responsiveness of Lunch Beat. Resisting Alignment: Negotiating Alignment, Responsibility, and Status in Everyday Life. “If He Dies, I’ll Kill You.” Violence, Paramedics and Impression-Management. Series editor’s introduction. Women and the Gender Gap in Urban Sociology: A Case Study of Afrikaanderwijk, South Rotterdam. About the Authors. Copyright page. Contributions from European Symbolic Interactionists: Conflict and Cooperation. List of Contributors. Studies in symbolic interaction. Contributions from European Symbolic Interactionists: Conflict and Cooperation.

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