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Consumer Culture Theory Vol: 15

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06 Dec 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
396 pages - 152 x 229 x 36mm
Research in Consumer Behavior


The chapters in this volume have been selected from the best papers presented at the 8th Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference held at the home of University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ in June 2013. The theme of the conference was Building Community Across Borders. The diverse interpretive research and theory represented in this volume provides the reader with intellectually stimulating opportunities to examine the intersections between a variety of theories and methods that represent the cutting edge in consumer research. These studies draw on an array of qualitative methodologies including ethnography, netnography, narrative and visual analysis, phenomenology, and semiotics. The substantive topics represent crucial issues for our times including understanding and navigating cultural diversity and cultural perspectives on co-creating market value.
The Visual Politics of U.S. Gun Culture. The U.S. Gun Culture Seen Through the Lens of Consumer Culture Theory: Self-Sufficiency, Safety, and Privacy. Negotiating Cultural Ambiguity: A Phenomenological Study of Multiracial Identity and Consumption. Navigating the Diversity Within. Consuming in the Thresholds: Stepping Outside Socialization Theory to Understand the Contemporary Child Consumer. The Role of Market-Mediated Milestones in Negotiating Adolescent Identity Tensions. The Flickering Consumer: New Materialities and Consumer Research. Weddings as Waste. Earmarking Money and Consumption. What is Mine is not Yours: Further Insight on what Access-Based Consumption says about Consumers. (Micro)Financing to Give: Kiva as a Gift-Market Hybrid. Bringing the Body Back into the Study of Time in Consumer Research. Dancing around Anti Consumption Social Marketing – A Theoretical Approach. The Co-Creation of Value-in-Cultural-Context. Loyalty in a Cultural Perspective: Insights from French Music Festivals. Behind the Revealed Brand: Exploring the Brand Backstory Experience. Control and Power in Online Consumer Tribes: The Role of Confessions. Consumer Knowledge and External Pre-Purchase Information Search: A Meta-Analysis of the Evidence. List of Contributors. Consumer Culture Theory: Building Community Across Borders. Consumer Culture Theory. Research in Consumer Behavior. Consumer Culture Theory. Copyright page.

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