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Consumer Culture Theory Vol: 17

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23 Nov 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
440 pages - 152 x 229 x 27mm
Research in Consumer Behavior
The chapters in this volume are selected from the best papers presented at the 10th Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference held at the University of Arkansas, USA in June 2015. The diverse interpretive research and theory represented in this volume provides the reader with intellectually stimulating opportunities to examine the intersections between a variety of topics that represent the cutting edge in consumer research. These studies draw on an array of qualitative methodologies and the substantive topics represent crucial issues for our times.
Introduction: Consumer Culture Theory: Ten Years Gone (and Beyond). Chaosmosis: French Thought Styles and the Possible Reactivation of Consumer Culture Theory. Roots and Development of Consumer Culture Theory. Consumer Culture Theory and the AMA Job Market: Understanding the Challenges and Crafting Winning Strategies. Critical Regionalities: Re-Thinking Regions in CCT. The Formation of Consumer Activism: Context and Meanings of an Activist Order. Chronos and Kairos: Multiple Futures and Damaged Consumption Meaning. Of Gates and Doors: A Critical Reflection on Agency. The Peril of Pink Bricks: Gender Ideology and LEGO Friends. Myth-Mediated Branding. Memories Standing Outside of the Self: The Commodity, the Collector, and Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Experience. Connoisseurship Taste Ritual. Ambiguity and Fandom: The (Meaningless) Consumption and Production of Popular Culture. “They’re Taking Us for Fools” – When Ethnic Spectacles are Perceived as Dystopias. Resolving Contradictions in Human Brand Celebrity and Iconicity. Sensory Identity: The Impact of Olfaction on Consumption. Negotiating Identity Reconstruction through Consumption: An Analysis of the Experiences of Consumers with Acquired Sensory Impairments. “There will not be a World Cup”: The Kratophanous Power of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Taking Off Our Earrings and Staying Out of Jail: Black Women and Madea on Tyler Perry’s Chitlin’ Circuit. Critical Theory in Consumer Research: Advancing the Conversation. Copyright page. Consumer Culture Theory. List of Contributors. Preface. Research in Consumer Behavior. Consumer Culture Theory.

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