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Constructive Discourse and Human Organization Vol: 1

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06 May 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciative Inquiry has touched and affected the life of thousands who apply its principles in a wide range of settings including industry, government, spiritual and not-for-profit organizations. "The Advances in Appreciative Inquiry" series advocates an organizational science that focuses on advancing a scholarship of positive human organizations, positive relationships and positive modalities of change, which promise to be of world benefit for individuals, organizations and communities. The book series is dedicated to building such a discipline through the advancement of Appreciative Inquiry as an approach to organizational inquiry and human development, and through the interdisciplinary articulation of non-deficit theories of positive change processes in human systems. Guided by the ethos of Appreciative Inquiry, the book series supports a relentless inquiry into the true, the good, the better and the possible. It is dedicated to advancing a "scholarship of the positive" and "positive scholarship." The book series aims to facilitate an emergent dialogue within the social sciences and to support innovative and challenging work. Setting the stage for the series, the first volume, "Constructive Discourse and Human Organization", revolves around three main themes: we live in worlds our questions create, appreciative discourse and narrative, and the design of inquiring systems.
PART ONE - DESIGN THEORY AND PRACTICE - Ch.1 Design with a Positive Lens; Avital and Boland - Ch.2 Design for Sustainable Value: A Whole System Approach; Laszlo and Cooperrider - Ch.3 Managing as Designing Needs: A Theory of Design; Faust - Ch.4 Toward a Positive Design Theory: Principles for Designing Motivating Information and Communication Technology; Zhang - Ch.5 Creating A New Leverage Point for Information Systems Development; Bergvall-Kareborn, Holst and Stahlbrost - Ch.6 Four Phases of Design Revolution: Expanding the Design Domain toward a Development of Design Theory; Cho - PART TWO - DESIGN LANGUAGE - Ch.7 The Poetics of Organizational Design: How Words May Inspire Worlds; Zandee - Ch. 8 Designing for Positive Outcomes: Using Positive Memes, Distributive Empowerment, Open Source Development, and Positive Metaphors; J. endall and K. Kendall - Ch.9 A Model for Rethinking the Vocabulary of Design; Jansen and van den Nieuwenhof - Ch.10 "Beyond Words"; Rifkin - PART THREE - POSITIVE ORGANIZING - Ch. 11 The Arts & Leadership: Now That We Can Do Anything, What Will We Do?; Adler - Ch. 12 Developing the Positive Organization from a Secure Base; Neilsen - Ch.13 Designing Safety into High Risk/High Stress Environments: Positive Innovation for Patient Hand-offs; Mohr, Feinson and Shendell-Falik - Ch.14 A positive movement forward: Carris Companies Employee Governance; Betit - Ch.15 The Power of a Positive Lens in Peace Building and Development; Odell, Jr. and Mohr - Ch.16 Designing Organizations as if Life Matters: Principles of Appreciative Organizing; Whitney

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