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Constructions of Urban Space Vol: 5

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27 Dec 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Urban Sociology


Urban space has emerged as the central organizing construct in studies of the post-modern metropolis. Contributors to this volume write on how urban space is used and contested by different social groups, how urban space is transformed by the changing economic relationships manifested in the new world order, and how urban space is defined by those who use and study it.
List of contributors. Introduction to constructions of urban space (R. Hutchison). Public spaces: a comparative discussion of the criteria for public space (L.W. Dijkstra). New urban spaces and cultural representations: social imagineries, social-physical space, and homelessness (T. Wright). Spying on an eyesore: space, place, and urban decay (P. Draus with C. Howard). Conflict, space and identity: two cases, one process (S. Swearington, C. Orellana-Rojas). Spatial anarchy and urban Utopias: public art controversies and urban space (K.M. Babon). Speaking the city: skateboarding subculture and recompositions of the urban realm (I. Borden). Representations of space and urban planning in a post-World War II US city (K. Fox Gotham). Toward an urban sociology of mega-events (H.H. Hiller). Tourism and the revitalization of Harlem (L.M. Hoffman). Distinguishing metropolises: the production of urban imagery (W.G. Holt, III). Red Hook: the paradoxes of poverty and place in Brooklyn (P. Kasinitz). Gendered space and women's community work (J.N. DeSena).

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