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Competition Policy and Antitrust Vol: 1

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03 Mar 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
404 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Advances in Airline Economics


This is the first in a new series of books on the economics of the airline industry. The series is a collection of original, cutting-edge research papers from an international panel of distinguished contributors. Volume 1 will focus on topics related to competition policy and antitrust, such as the economic impact of airline alliances (both international and domestic), predation, and incumbent responses to low cost entry. Part of a "New Series", this volume focuses on competition policy and antitrust. Its contributors are international experts in the field.
1. Predation and the entry and exit of low-fare carriers (G.E. Bamberger, D.W. Carlton). 2. Predation in airline markets: A review of recent cases (A. Eckert, D.W. West). 3. The price effects of international airline alliances (J.K. Brueckner, T. Whalen). 4. Evidence on pricing from the Continetal Airlines and Northwest Airlines code-share agreement. (O. Armantier, O. Richard). 5. International airline code-sharing and entry deterrence (S.D Gurrea). 6. The impact of domestic code-sharing agreements on market airfares: Evidence from U.S. (H. Ito, D. Lee). 7. Code-sharing agreements, frequency of flights, and profits under parallel operation (O. Heimer, O. Shy). 8. Airline hubs, costs, mark-ups and the implication of customer heterogeneity (S. Berry, M. Carnall, P.T. Spiller). 9. The home carrier advantage in Civil Aviation (M.G. Lijesen, P. Nijkamp, E. Pels, P. Rietveld). 10. Actual, adjacent, and potential competition estimating the full effect of Southwest Airlines (S.A. Morrison). 11. Does competition influence airline on-time performance? (N.G. Rupp. D. H. Owens, L. W. Plumly). 12. Concentration, market share inequality and prices: An examination of European airline markets (S. Giaume, S. Guilloiu). 13. Patterns of low cost entry: Evidence from Brazil (A.V. Marques de Oliveira). 14. Understanding price dispersion in the airline industry: Capacity constraints and consumer heterogeneity (V. Bilotkach). 15. Airport competition: regulatory issues and policy implications (P. Forsyth). 16. Access to airport facilities: Its impact on market competition (M.E. Hartmann).

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