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Comparative Studies of Technological Evolution Vol: 7

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30 Oct 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy
This volume provides a collection of cross-country analysis of innovation, showing that the effects of innovation upon firms vary from one country to another. Incumbents perish in one country, while they thrive in the same industry in another country. Startups thrive in response to new technological breakthroughs in one country and struggle in another country. Drawing upon studies of semiconductors, disk drives and biotechnology, and examining institutions such as patent systems and venture capital, this volume takes issue with predictions of convergence, and convincingly demonstrates the multiple paths that technologies and innovations can follow.
Introduction (H. Chesbrough, R.A.Burgelman). Part 1: Assembling the elephant: A review of empirical studies on the impact of technical change upon incumbent firms (H. Chesbrough). Part 2: Two best ways? Institutions and the evolution of the US and Japanese semi-conductor industries (J. West). Part 3: Mobility of engineers and cross border knowledge building (J.Y. Song, P. Almeida, G. Wu). Part 4: Change or Die; The Adoption of Bio-technology in the Japanese and US pharmaceutical industries (M. Darby, L. Zucker). Part 5: Technological distance spatial distance and sources of knowledge; New entrants in new bio-technology (M. Lynskey). Part 6: US Japan patent systems (M. Sakakibara). Part 7: Comparing catalysts of change; evolution and institutional differences in the venture capital industries in the US, Japan and Germany (W. Kuemmerle).

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