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Community Structure and Dynamics at the Dawn of the New Millennium Vol: 10

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02 Feb 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
470 pages - 165 x 246 x 33mm
Research in Community Sociology


At the dawn of the new millennium, we are witnessing profound changes in myriad communities around the world. The process of globalization, communication/information technology, multinational corporation-based economy, cultural homogenization as well as diversity have tended to transform and restructure contemporary communities in a variety of new ways. We need to know not only the emerging structure, but also the intricate dynamics of communities facing complex problems in a fast changing world.
Introduction. Community structure and dynamics at the dawn of the new millennium: emerging perspectives (D.A. Chekki). Theoretical Perspectives. Social structure, space, and sentiment: searching for common ground in sociological conception of community (C.D. Campbell). Losing and finding community: the quest for territorial community from the neighbourhood to cyberspace (R.L. Bateman, L. Lyon). Global Cities and Communities in Cyberspace. Globalization, capitalism and change: from industrial-urban communities to global cities (R.S. Gandhi). Choosing community: rejecting anonymity in cyberspace (S.N. Gatson, A. Zweerink). Violence, Crime and Community Concerns/Issues. Researching in the community: power and control in a study on domestic violence in England (P. Wilcox). An evaluation of community anti-violence programs: implications of some preliminary findings (J. Hawdon et al.). Racial heterogeneity and crime: measuring static and dynamic effects (C. Kubrin). Yet another transition? Urbanization in South Africa (D. Everatt). The communities and care giving: a qualitative case study (T. Marcus). Community concerns with the threat of job loss (K. Root, L. Leistritz). Non-agricultural unemployment in Beijing: a multi-level analysis (D.L. Poston Jr., C.C. Duan). Neighbourhood Milieu. Neighbourhood effects models: a view from the neighbourhood (R.L. Jarrett). The paradox of neighbourhood association formation and membership (J.C. Kilburn Jr., M. Maume). The effect of neighbourhood racial heterogeneity and income inequality on the level of home ownership (V.T. Martin). Community Structure and Dynamics. Changing communities in California s heartland: quality of life ratings in the Central Valley (M. Baldassare). Saving a place for the county fair: institutional space and the maintenance of community (K.E. Paulsen). Index.

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