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Communities and Organizations Vol: 33

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23 Nov 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
363 pages - 156 x 234 x 36mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
How does organizations' embeddedness in broader social and cultural communities influence their behavior? And how has this changed with recent communication technology advances and globalization trends? In this volume, we consider how diverse types of communities influence organizations, as well as the associated benefit of developing a richer accounting for community processes in organizational theory. One goal of the volume is to move beyond the focus on social proximity and networks that has characterized existing work on communities. The papers in this volume consider specific topics that expand the definition of community beyond geography to include how transnational communities form and affect organizations' perception, the development of a community-form (C-form) organization as an important organizational architecture for understanding twenty-first century business, and how virtual communities influence key organizational processes. While there has been a recent revival of research into the effects of both geographic and non-geographic communities on organizational behaviors, this volume is the first effort to bring both perspectives together in order to aid in the identification of common and disparate mechanisms across multiple types of communities and how community as an organizing logic sits vis-a-vis other logics related to the market, corporation, family and religion.
List of Contributors. Introduction: Community as an Institutional Order and a Type of Organizing. Organizations in the Shadow of Communities. An Initial Description of the C-Form. The Power of “Limited Liability” – Transnational Communities and Cross-Border Governance. The Dynamics of Community Translation: Danish Health-Care Centres. Communities, Labor, and the Law: The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility in the United States. Explaining the Loss of Community: Competing Logics and Institutional Change in the us Banking Industry. From Nutley to Paris: How the Culture of Communities Shapes Organizational Identity. Community Context and Founding Processes of Banking Organizations. Understanding Corporate Participation in Local Relational Networks: Corporate CEO Membership on Large Locally Headquartered Commercial Banks Boards in the 1960s. The Embeddedness of Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding Variation across Local Communities. Communities and Organizations. Research in the sociology of organizations. Research in the sociology of organizations. Copyright page. Advisory Board.

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