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Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems Vol: 30

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08 Aug 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
436 pages - 152 x 229 x 27mm
Advances in Strategic Management


The research featured in this volume is devoted to understanding the competitive and collaborative challenges that firms face as they manage interactions with different actors in dynamic environments, in what are coming to be referred to as business or innovation 'ecosystems'. Rapid technological change, globalization, and recent financial turbulence have brought us to a point where managers are painfully aware that 'no man [or firm] is an island.' Success in business, in both the profit and non-profit sectors, increasingly relies upon collaboration with upstream suppliers, alliance partners, and downstream complementors. This volume presents new findings of how innovation and value are created in collaborative networks, specifically 'ecosystem analysis' and the unique roles of individual actors within this system
List of Contributors. Introduction: Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems. Collaborating with Complementors: What Do Firms Do?. Evolving an Open Ecosystem: The Rise and Fall of the Symbian Platform. Building Joint Value: Ecosystem Support for Global Health Innovations. Business Ecosystems’ Evolution — An Ecosystem Clockspeed Perspective. Do Product Architectures Affect Innovation Productivity in Complex Product Ecosystems?. The Organization of Innovation in Ecosystems: Problem Framing, Problem Solving, and Patterns of Coupling. The Emergence and Coordination of Synchrony in Organizational Ecosystems. Open Innovation Norms and Knowledge Transfer in Interfirm Technology Alliances: Evidence from Information Technology, 1980–1999. The Origins and Dynamics of Production Networks in Silicon Valley. Networks and Knowledge: The Beginning and End of the Port Commodity Chain, 1703-1860. Towards a Network Perspective on Organizational Decline. Explaining the Attacker’s Advantage: Technological Paradigms, Organizational Dynamics, and the Value Network. Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems. Advances in Strategic Management. Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems. Copyright page.

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