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Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: Issues and Challenges Vol: 4

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16 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
416 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
The importance of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is increasing due, in part, to recent major disasters throughout the world. CCA and DRR are closely associated and there has been significant awareness at global and national levels to make collective focus on CCA and DRR. Although there are several books on CCA, this is the first systematic academic publication to highlight the linkages between CCA and DRR, CCA-DRR synergy and interactions. The book is divided into four parts: Part 1 focuses on the theory of CCA and DRR and its enabling environment; Part 2 focuses on governance, education and technology as the framework of CCA-DRR linkage; Part 3 focuses on different entry points with chapters on urban, coast, mountain, river and housing; and Part 4 focuses on regional perspective of CCA and DRR looking at developing nations, south Asia, ASEAN and Small Island Developing States. Key issues and challenges related to the CCA and DRR are highlighted throughout, mostly drawing lessons and experiences from the field practices. This book gives researchers and practitioners greater awareness on the current trend of research in the field.
List of Contributors. List of Editors. Brief Introduction to the Series. Brief Introduction to the Volume. Preface. Chapter 1 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: overview of issues and challenges. Chapter 2 Embedding climate change adaptation within disaster risk reduction. Chapter 3 Disaster risk reduction under the United Nations framework convention on climate change. Chapter 4 Promoting adaptation and disaster risk reduction in the post-Kyoto climate regime. Chapter 5 Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Enabling environment for integration. Chapter 6 Adaptive governance of risks: climate, water, and disasters. Chapter 7 Mainstreaming climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction through school education: Perspectives and challenges. Chapter 8 Teleprocessing for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Chapter 9 Climate change adaptation and urban risk management. Chapter 10 Climate change adaptation and coastal zone management. Chapter 11 Climate change adaptation and community forest management. Chapter 12 River basin management for effective disaster risk reduction in the face of changing climate. Chapter 13 Housing sector considerations in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Chapter 14 Integrated management of urban flooding for climate change adaptation in developing countries. Chapter 15 Integrating disaster risk reduction with climate change adaptation: Recent initiatives in South Asia. Chapter 16 Climate change adaptation in ASEAN: Actions and challenges. Chapter 17 Climate change adaptation issues in small island developing states. Community, environment and disaster risk Management. Copyright page.

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