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Children's Writing: Towards a Process Theory of the Development of Skilled Writing Vol: 2

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01 Jul 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
228 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm
Advances in Cognition and Educational Practice


This second volume in the series discusses such topics as working memory in writing, working memory as a source of individual differences in children's writing and modifying Hayes' and Flowers' model of skilled writing.
The magical number three, plus or minus two: working memory in writing, Deborah McCutchen; Working memory as a source of individual differences in children's writing, H. Lee Swanson, Virginia W. Berninger; Modifying hayes and flowers model of skilled writing to explain beginning and developing writing, Virginia W. Berninger, H. Lee Swanson; Topic knowledge, linguistic knowledge, and revision processes as determinants of text revision, Earl C. Butterfield et al; Comprehension monitoring as a writing process, Douglas J. Hacker; Helping students with learning disabilities plan compositions: instruction in cognitive and metacognitive strategies, Charles A. MacArthur et al; Diverse data about writing processes and their theoretical implications, Earl C. Butterfield.

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