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Chartering Capitalism Vol: 29

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11 Aug 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Political Power and Social Theory


This volume covers the evolution of the chartered company; contributions employ comparative methods, archival research, case studies, statistical analyses, computational models, network analyses, and new theoretical conceptualizations to map out the complex interactions that took place between state and commercial actors across the globe.
Introduction: New Forms of Organization and the Coordination of Political and Commercial Actors. The Ideology of the Imperial Corporation: “Informal” Empire Revisited. Principal Agent Relations and the Decline of the Royal African Company. Raisins d’Etat: Trade, Politics, and Diplomacy in the History of the Levant Company. Colonial Institutions and Trade Patterns. Private Trade and Monopoly Structures: The East India Companies and the Commodity Trade to Europe in the Eighteenth Century. A Closed Elite? Bristol’s Society of Merchant Venturers and the Abolition of Slave Trading. Own, Rent, or Rent-Seek?: Vertical Integration in Historical Chartered Monopolies. Bottlenecks and East Indies Companies: Modeling the Geography of Agency in Mercantilist Enterprises. An Ancient Scheme: The Mississippi Company, Machiavelli, and the Casa di San Giorgio (1407–1720). “A State in Disguise of a Merchant?” The English East India Company as a Strategic Action Field, ca. 1763–1834. Scientists as Free Riders: Natural Resource Exploration and New Product Discovery in the Dutch East India Company. Copyright page. Student Editorial Board. Editorial Statement. Series editor’s introduction. Chartering Capitalism: Organizing Markets, States, and Publics. List of Contributors. Political power and social theory. Chartering Capitalism: Organizing Markets, States, and Publics. Senior Editorial Board.

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