Change and Continuity Management in the Public Sector: The DALI Model for Effective Decision Making

Rebecca Dalli Gonzi
University of Malta, Malta

Simon Grima
University of Malta, Malta

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24 Apr 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
168 pages - 152 x 229mm
The customer problem in the public sector appears when too many processes are in place and staff volumes are too large to adapt to sudden change. As situations evolve and solutions are required, public managers are faced with an overload of information for decision-making, as normal day-to-day policy is overlooked to accommodate management by crisis. Generally, emergency situations call for effective steps to be taken, constrained by short time frames and a dispersed public workforce. 
Managing teams require structure in their response to an evolving crises, which is generally a difficult position to attain when information and resources are limited. Protocol and response plans are only activated in extreme crises, leaving a gap in response when overload has been reached but is not within the stipulated margins. Recognition at this stage is important if successful outcomes are to be achieved. This book proposes an 8-point model, which it labels the DALI Model, for responding to these situations, to simplify and synthesize decision-making processes.
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1. Introduction – Setting a Standard for Service 
2. Public Sector Responses to Radical Change: An Analysis of Theoretical Models 
3. Public Sector Cases: Decision-Making and Response 
4. The Results 
5. Conclusions and Reflections 
Dr. Rebecca Dalli Gonza (PhD) is a lecturer at the Department for Construction and Property Management. She is a registered and certified civil engineer by the Chamber of Architects, Malta, and founded a business advisory service to assist businesses in taking strategic decisions in 2013. 
Dr. Simon Grima (PhD) is the Head of the Insurance Department and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta. He served as the President of the Malta Association of Risk Management (MARM) and Malta Association of Compliance, and has over 25 years of experience in in Financial Services, Internal Controls, Investments and IT.

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