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Case Study Evaluation: Past, Present and Future Challenges Vol: 15

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12 Jan 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
Advances in Program Evaluation
In today's world, with its preoccupation with impact assessments and results-based management, program evaluation is all too often framed as an affirmation of an official narrative rather than as a source of alternatives. The power of case study is its insistence on opening up rather than suppressing the complexity of social programs, on documenting multiple voices and exploring contested viewpoints. In this way, case study resists the trend towards evaluations that simply focus on 'what works', that reduce the complexity of social life to a single narrative, and to formulations that strip out most of what matters. Now more than ever, as government policies and programs orientate to global economic crisis and its impact on the lives of citizens and communities, we require evaluations that resist information loss and produce richness.
Case Study, Methodology and Educational Evaluation: A Personal View. Story Telling and Educational Understanding. Case Study as Antidote to the Literal. Thinking about Case Studies in 3-D: Researching the NHS Clinical Commissioning Landscape in England. The Case for Evaluating Process and Worth: Evaluation of a Programme for Carers and People with Dementia. The Collapse of “Primary Care” in Medical Education: A Case Study of Michigan’s Community/University Health Partnerships Project. Twice-Told Tales? How Public Inquiry Could Inform n of 1 Case Study Research. Evaluation as the Co-Construction of Knowledge: Case Studies of Place-Based Leadership and Public Service Innovation. Evaluation Noir: The Other Side of the Experience. Freedom from the Rubric. Preface. Introduction. List of Contributors. About the Editors. About the Authors. ‘Lead’ Standard Evaluation. Letters from a Headmaster. Copyright page. Case Study Evaluation: Past, Present and Future Challenges. Advances in Program Evaluation. Case Study Evaluation: Past, Present and Future Challenges.

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